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We know that every contact centre strives to deflect avoidable calls about frequently asked questions to alternative channels, such as online. As a result, online FAQs have become an essential part of a customer contact strategy. But why stop at telling your customers how to resolve their problem when you can show them instead?

At Premier CX, we can take those important, need-to-know snippets of information, and illustrate them through succinct and interactive online videos.

FAQ Video


FAQ videos and “How to” guides can be a contact centre’s most efficient tool to streamline customer contact. By empowering customers to ‘self-serve’ online, FAQ videos can reduce avoidable calls and allow contact centres to focus on the calls that require a personal touch.

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Reduce avoidable contact

As part of a well-designed customer experience programme, a properly-executed avoidable contact strategy will improve contact centre efficiency and increase customer satisfaction, saving both your company and your customers time and money.

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Increase call deflection

An effective call deflection strategy doesn’t just lead to improved contact centre efficiency; if implemented correctly it can also increase client satisfaction by giving users a better customer experience.

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Encourage channel shift

By funnelling customers away from telephone interactions towards more efficient and user-friendly digital services, call centre agents can focus on helping customers with more complex issues.

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Enable self-service

Your customers will feel more empowered if they can find the answers to standard questions on your website and resolve problems without having to contact you.

FAQ videos don’t need to be fancy, but they do need to be ‘on brand’, well scripted and well timed. Here at Premier CX we have the skills to create and produce bespoke FAQ videos that can speak a thousand words in just a couple of minutes.